7 SEO Predictions for 2023 (and How to Prepare!)


Search engine optimization in 2023 is gonna get so much tough and crazy, and if you’re not prepared for the changes you’re gonna get left behind. In this article, I’m gonna lay out seven SEO predictions for 2023. And most importantly, I wanna explain what you need to do to prepare for these changes so you can avoid Google penalties and instead get massive traffic on Google. In case you have any doubts, let me clear some things, I have been following Neil Pattel for a long time.. He has been doing SEO since 2009, he is the founder of SEO Businesses, Dignity Marketing, the Search Initiative, the Affiliate Lab, and the Chang Mai SEO Conference. Last year he made a prediction about SEO and 100% of the predictions that he made came true. So let’s see if I can pull it off for this year.

Please bear in mind, what you’re about to learn isn’t gonna be the generic non-actionable SEO advice that you’re used to hearing. Like most of the articles and youtube videos says – “In 2023, you need to focus on quality content.” What are you even supposed to do with that? you already know that. My predictions are gonna be based on the trends, I’m seeing in this industry and my personal experience managing over a hundred websites. So let’s go ahead and get started. But real quick, if you appreciate the research that goes into making content like this, Check out our other articles.

AI Content

My first SEO prediction for 2023 is that AI-driven content generation will become standard practice. And whether or not AI is something that you want to do for your own website, you should still know what your competitors are up to. AI content isn’t just something that a few black hat SEOs are doing to cheat the system. At the beginning of the year, people were just using AI for non-important content, like e-commerce product descriptions or guest posts. Now people are building full websites on pure AI content and sure, not all of them survived. This site Conch House skyrocketed to 6 million visitors per month and then was completely decimated.


But then you have more stable sites like mine that are growing 30% month on month and are completely avoiding all the Google update penalties.

My AI Content Process you should follow

Let me tell you what I’m doing differently.

Step one (creating a topical map of all the content)

My AI content process starts with creating a topical map of all the content you need to produce in order to become a topical authority in your niche. If you’re blasting out five articles per day, you need to have a content roadmap. And once you complete that content roadmap, Google has no choice but to deem you a topical authority in your niche, and that’s when the traffic floods in. And the next section I’ll show you how to create a topical map, so stay tuned.

Step Two(Creating an outline)

Next, you need to create an outline for each of your content pieces. You do this by Googling your topic keyword. For example, Google, “Do you need internet for Smart Home?” Open up the first result

and look at the H2 and H3 headings on the page. See these headings,

“The Internet of Things and ecosystems,”

“Why does Your smart Home need your wifi?”


“The downsides of relying on wifi.”

These are all required subtopics to the main question:

Do you need internet for Smart Home?

And they should be part of your outline. You also wanna look at the word count to figure out how long your article needs to be.

Step 3 (AI Writing)

Now it’s time to start using an AI content writer and filling in the blanks between your outline’s heading. So far I’ve used Jasper for this.

Jasper already has a framework to start from. Just press the button and start filling in the gaps. Next, you wanna do a quick editorial review of your content.

AI content tends to make two mistakes, grammar, and facts. Go over your content and check for repeated words or just straight-up incorrect information.

Step 5 ( Scale up to 5+ articles per day)

Lastly, it’s time to scale. You want to hit five articles per day. I am going to write an article coming out soon that goes over this process in extreme detail, so make sure to visit your website again, so you don’t miss it.

Impact of AI

What will be the impact of more AI on the internet? There’s definitely a case that can be made about it lowering the quality of the search results, but with people turning out content so fast even if the content isn’t amazing, they’re going to become topical authorities, which is the most powerful ranking factor in itself. This brings me to my next prediction:

Topical authority as a Google strategy

will move from a secret strategy that just a few pros use to a requirement to compete on Google. If you add a single article on smart homes to your website, don’t expect Google to even notice. But once you cover every single smart home topic Google now thinks you’re a topical authority, and your traffic growth will be explosive, just like this case study I’m showing here.

Topical authority

There are two reasons topical authority will become a 2023 requirement. First is because, as you know, AI is gonna be allowing people to flood the internet with fast and cheap content, and second, because of the concept’s growing popularity due to folks like Koray Tugberk and myself, who live and die by it. The problem is that many people think they’re doing it right but in actuality, they’re not creating a proper topical map that covers all the topics in the niche. I did a consultation with someone who was trying to rank for Best Smart Home thermostats, and just by running a site colon command on their competition, I was immediately able to see they were missing dozens of articles on the topic.

Here are all the places you should be gathering topics for your map. Use them to get every single topic of content. Answerthepublic.com

Google auto-suggests in the search bar

the ‘People Also Ask ‘section

‘Related Searches

AHREFs questions report

Google’s NL API

and most importantly, your competitors’ site maps

Then you wanna use a tool like Keyword Cupid to group your topics into single articles or separate articles

After you start producing content, the next step in the topical authority process is smart interlinking.

Smart Interlinking

As a general rule, link relevant content together. All your smart home thermostats should link to each other, as opposed to linking thermostats to smart bulbs. And link more to pages that have a higher traffic priority.

After you finish here, check out our other articles on how to get SEO traffic without link building for a more in-depth topical authority walkthrough,


My next prediction is about backlinks. Backlinks and link building are gonna be the key differentiator that determines who will be at the top of Google. Since everyone is gunning for topical authority, backlinks will be the deciding factor on who wins. The fact of the matter is that backlinks never went away. Just look at the top three search results for “best sexting websites.”

Although you might be an expert on sexting, I highly doubt that these top-ranking sites are. But one thing these sites have going for them is backlinks.

Despite this recent quote from searchenginejournal John Mueller who said that the weight on links will drop off “a little bit,” I just don’t see that happening.

After all, if two websites have similar content, how do you decide which one wins? Plus Google has been really big on the need to establish E-A-T, that’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trust. And this tweet about a conversation with Gary Ilias from Google, says that E-A-T is, “Largely based on links.”

Here’s a breakdown of all the backlinks I’m focusing on In 2023:

40% of the links I’m building are guest posts. These are coming from both in-house outreach and using vendors like Authority Builders. Another 30% of my links will be link insertions, getting links and existing articles that have links going to them, and I also do that in-house or outsource to Authority builders. 15% of the links will come from Help a Reporter Out, Haro, which we build in-house. 10% comes from digital PR, here we’re creating newsworthy stories and outreaching to journalists. For this, I’m using Ferry and the amazing team search-intelligence.co.uk. 3% is coming from business directory citations, which I outsource to Authority Builders. And the remaining 2% is from Link exchanges, just answering the inbox and working out some exchanges with high-quality websites that are already reaching out to me.

My next 2023 SEO prediction is that Parasite SEO will continue on to be a perfectly viable strategy at least throughout the year.

What is Parasite SEO?

Go back to the search result for the best sexting websites and open up the Chicago Reader listing(The first result). Right up here you see the sponsored tag

meaning that someone paged Chicago Reader, placed this article on their site, and piggyback off their demand authority to the top of Google. It’s the same thing here on the Riverfront Times article.

Why do I think Google is okay with this? In August 2022, Google released a helpful content update.

In their release notes, they call for things that Parasite SEO clearly can’t deal with. Does your content demonstrate firsthand experience in a depth of knowledge? At sexing? Does your site have a primary purpose or focus? These Parasite sites publish any topic your heart desires. They also recommend you don’t, “produce lots of content “on different topics in hopes that some might perform well.”

That’s the name of the game with Parasite SEO. If the Parasite SEO tactic survived the helpful content update, then it’s clear it’s just not on Google’s radar, or the negative impact of what Parasite SEO fails at is completely offset by its ungodly link authority.

Sure, I’ve seen some Parasite websites lose traffic since the update.


But for every loser, I can find sites like Dallas News that are off to the moon.

So what kinda actions can you take here? Should you pull a, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” and start Parasite SEO right now? Unfortunately, if you’re competing in the US, I think the ship has sailed for Valinor a long time ago. Most of these topics have already been covered on these sites and exclusivity deals have been made.

However, there are always content caps. You’ll always be able to find keywords that haven’t yet been touched by Parasite. Also, Parasite’s ideal news sites haven’t been exploited yet in foreign SEO, so the promise line is on faraway soil.

More Specific Algorithm Updates

The next SEO prediction is that we’re gonna get more of these specific niche algorithm updates. Just a few years ago, Google will release a handful of core algorithm updates per year, so you only had to crap your pants every season. But just take a look at this list of Google ranking updates.

June 15th, 2021, page experience update for mobile. Okay, that’s new. December 2021, oh swell,

a product reviews update just for affiliates, fantastic. February 22nd, page experience update for desktop


two more product reviews updates

the helpful content update in August

then a core, product reviews, and a spam update

Each of these updates has a different goal and no, it’s not to give you a heart attack. Google is trying to optimize for different sections of its algorithm at a time. And what you’ve already noticed is that 90% of your gains or your losses occur on these specific update dates.

So what I’m doing now is focusing particularly on these updates themselves. How can I position my website to get beast mode gains in the next update? I will write another article about this, so visit our website again so that you don’t miss it.


SEO is not an easy thing when someone creates a new website and publishes some random content and the result is, the content ranks #1 in google.  No, it’s not like that, we have to decide about our niche, then we need to find unique low competitive but high search volume keywords, create content with these contents, try to give backlinks, and update our content regularly then maybe we can get some results. Clearly, it is very hard and time-consuming work. So we need to maintain many things. If you like this article then please check our other articles, you may like that. You can check these articles about SEO so that you can get a basic idea, of what you should keep in mind while doing SEO.

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I am Tahmied Hossain, signing off!